Why we’ve been here all along: A Mars landing story

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A few days ago, the Mars landing site was a remote spot about 300 miles east of Charlotte, North Carolina, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The landing site is located just south of the town of Carrboro, where the University of North Carolina is located.

The rover, called Spirit, will begin its landing on the Martian surface today.

But what does the story of the landing site look like?

The landing team had to drive for nearly two weeks to the spot in order to get there.

On August 21, the team arrived in Carrboro.

It took about an hour for the team to reach the landing location.

The team is expected to be at the site for about two hours, when they will deploy the rover and send back images of the surface.

The plan is to use the rover to investigate the location of water, rocks and soil that once formed the landing area.

The site has been nicknamed the “Mars Landing” because of its location in the center of the Gale Crater, which formed the base of Mars.

Spirit will be carrying out an experiment that will use the image of the rover on the rover’s arm to determine if the rover is going to be able to survive its trip to Mars.

The arm will be attached to the rover, and the arm will send a signal to Spirit.

The signal will be received by the Spirit rover and will tell the rover where to go.

If the rover detects a water source, the arm is expected for the rover.

If there is no water, the rover will use its arm to drill a hole to search for a suitable place to dig.

Once the hole is found, the drill will start moving down the Martian landscape.

The drill is meant to find the rock that was used as a landing pad.

It will also be used to test the arm.

The lander’s arm is made of aluminum, which makes it very lightweight and durable.

The researchers hope to use this weight saving to make the rover more flexible.

It’s expected that the arm could be moved to different locations during the journey.

There will be a lot of work ahead for the Curiosity team to make this mission work.

One of the key tasks will be to use its instruments to study the atmosphere, and to search out evidence of liquid water.

There are three types of instruments on the arm: a radioisotope thermometer, which is a radio telescope; a magnetometer; and a spectrometer.

The instruments will be used for the first time when Spirit lands on the surface of Mars, so it is important that the scientists can measure the temperatures of the Martian atmosphere.

The Mars Science Laboratory spacecraft is currently the only spacecraft to use a nuclear reaction to generate neutrons, so the scientists are also looking at neutrons emitted by the Martian environment.

They will be using the data from the spectrometers to look for radio signals that are emitted by life.

If these signals are emitted, they can be used in the lab to determine the nature of life.

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