The most interesting, most unusual, and most intriguing things about ‘The Lego Movie’

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From the trailer to the trailer and everything in between, ‘The LEGO Movie’ is going to be a blast to watch.

It’s got a unique blend of creativity and storytelling.

But in order to get a good picture of what’s going to happen, you have to take the time to explore its worlds and characters.

To do that, we’ve rounded up 10 things you need to know before you watch it. 1.

The Lego Movie is set on a world that was created by the movie’s creators, and it’s going for the big, expensive brick.


This is the movie with the biggest, most expensive bricks.


The movie will explore the life of a real-life Lego genius.


It also has a lot of fun with a couple of real-world celebrities.


The LEGO Movie will feature a LEGO theme park in the desert.


And it has an entire series of Lego films set in the movie universe.


The plot of the film will take place in the fictional city of Far Lands, which is set in Australia.


And the movie will take a close look at the history of the world’s most famous brick.


The cast of ‘The Legos’ also includes Bradley Cooper, Chris Pratt, Emma Stone, and Liam Hemsworth.


It will also feature a lot more characters than the movie currently has.

Watch the trailer for ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ below:

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