How to land an African land snail at sea

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It’s been more than 30 years since the last African land snails were spotted in the Southern Hemisphere.

Now, the continent’s only known land snail is heading to the southern tip of South America.

The African land Snail, which is about the size of a small golf ball, is due to be released in the wild this fall.

The species has a black coloration that can vary from light green to orange.

The males are more slender, while the females are more flamboyant.

But in captivity, the snails are kept in a tank with water and food.

“They are very aggressive and aggressive.

They will defend their territory and will hunt the prey,” said Dr. Joseph DeSantis, a marine biologist with the South African Institute of Marine Science in Port Elizabeth.

The females will sometimes attack the males when they’re not guarding their territory, but in general, the females tend to be more aggressive than the males.

The African land snake has been listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

The IUCNC lists it as vulnerable to extinction due to habitat loss, climate change and predation by humans.

DeSantis and his team have been working to breed the African land snakes in captivity and have already released two males and one female.

The female was born in the aquarium in 2014, and she is now the sole breeding female.

“She has a very small head and is very delicate,” DeSantsis said.

“It was quite challenging for us to produce a healthy female.

I am really happy that we were able to get her here.”

The females are kept with the male during the breeding season, and are fed with eggs from the female.

They live about five months and feed on plankton in the tank.

The male is allowed to go out for a few days every other week.

During mating season, the female is released and the male stays with her to protect her.

During that time, he will mate with the female and lay eggs.

After the male has laid eggs, he releases the female, and the two of them go on a hunting spree.

The animals come to a stop when the male releases a female, which then becomes pregnant.

After a few weeks, the male will leave to lay eggs for the female to lay.

The female then returns to the same tank where she was born and mates with another female.

This time, the mother will mate only with the same male.

When the mother gives birth to a male, she also lays eggs with him.

The young male then takes over the role of being the sole parent, DeSantis said, adding that it is important for the females to not have a single male around during the birth process.

The males are the only males that live in the zoo.

But the females can also be found in aquariums in Africa and South America, and have even been spotted in Florida, Mexico and Canada.

In Africa, they are known as the “males of the snail family.”

The team is working to raise the funds to release the African Land Snail and keep it in captivity.

DeSands and his colleagues are currently collecting funding for their project.

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