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Why NASA is working with a robotic lander on the first of its two landing missions to Mars

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NASA has signed a contract with the Planetary Resources Corporation to launch a robotic rover on its second of its lander missions to the red planet.

The spacecraft will be a rover called Mars Lander, which is named after NASA’s first Mars lander, named Curiosity.

The mission will also be the first mission to send a rover to Mars with its own instruments.

The company’s CEO Rob Rhinehart told reporters at the NASA conference that the rover would help with mapping and analysis of the planet.

This marks the second time in as many years that NASA has teamed up with a private company to send humans to Mars.

Earlier this year, the agency announced that it had signed a deal with Space Exploration Technologies, which manufactures the Curiosity rover, to send the mission to Mars in 2022.

The two teams also signed an agreement to develop a rover that can land on the surface of Mars, and NASA is expected to have its own lander launched on its next mission to the planet in 2026.

[NASA to launch its first Mars rover in 2022] The landing missions are the first major pieces of NASA’s plans for Mars, as it works to get its robotic explorers to the Red Planet by 2031.

The agency hopes to send astronauts to the surface in 2029, but the missions will be more expensive, taking several years to complete.

The first two missions to be sent to the Martian surface are the Mars 2020 rover and the Mars 2030 rover.

Mars 2020 will land on a barren patch of Martian soil near Lake Baikal, while Mars 2030 will land in a lake called Gusev Crater.

Both missions will have a small science team on board, which includes scientists looking at the composition of the lake, as well as an imaging team that will help determine the composition and age of the Martian rocks on the lake.

The 2020 rover will be launched into orbit around the Red Rock Sea and land on Mars.

Its robotic arm will capture the pictures it takes during its landing, which will help scientists figure out how to get back to Earth.

NASA expects to send its second lander to Mars sometime in 2031, as the rover is still in the initial development stages of its robotic arm.

Mars 2030 is planned to launch on a rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, and it will land at the same site.

This rover will also have a team of scientists on board.

It will use an onboard camera to take photos of the rocks it will study as it goes through the lakebed.

NASA plans to have the rover land in the lake to measure the rock composition.

The rover will eventually return to Earth, with the goal of returning samples to Earth for study.

If the first rover lands successfully, the next two missions will carry the rover to the site of the first landing and to the lake bed, which are part of the rover’s “targeted” landing sites.

The goal of each landing mission is to measure how much of the rock in the Lake Baekal lakebed is water.

The water would then be used to study whether the rock on Mars is likely to be a possible source of water on the planet or a mineral.

The samples are then sent back to the lab to be analyzed.

This process is called “paleo” and is a very important part of how NASA’s robotic missions to Earth are designed.

For example, NASA plans the landing of its rover on Mars as part of a mission to sample rocks in the Martian Gale Crater, which formed when the Red planet was tidally locked to the Sun during a massive bombardment of water from the sun.

The asteroid that struck Earth is called a “dwarf planet” and scientists think it formed when Mars formed from a giant impact between Mars and Jupiter.

However, scientists are uncertain about the origins of the dwarf planet.

NASA’s plan for the Mars Lager rover is to land on Martian soil that has been formed by a meteorite, which contains minerals from the meteorite’s surface that will be sent back for analysis.

The plan is to send samples back to NASA’s Ames Research Center in California to be analysed.

NASA has already sent two rovers to Mars: NASA’s Mars 2020 and Mars 2030 landers.

Mars Langer is being developed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and is scheduled to launch in 2019.

The landing of the Mars rover on the Lake Bluff site was originally scheduled for 2019, but is now being pushed back to 2022.

[Mars rover mission timeline: The history of NASA rover missions] NASA will be sending its first lander mission to Martian soil on the same day as the landing.

This is the first time that NASA will have sent a rover into Martian soil.

The Lander is planned for launch on an Atlas V rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

The orbiter is expected aproximately to arrive at

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