When the Land Rover Land Cruiser Prado landed on its landing pad, it was an iconic moment for India’s first fleet of vehicles, but not everyone in the country is happy about it

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On April 16, 2016, Land Rover India unveiled its Land Rover Prado land cruiser, the world’s first car built in India and the world first car made in India.

The Land Rover PRI was unveiled at the Mumbai International Motor Show in the city’s Indian capital.

The PRI is a massive vehicle, weighing in at almost 300 tonnes and weighing a staggering 2,200kg.

It was built at a cost of nearly $8bn and was unveiled in May, just as the global economy was about to take a big hit due to the global financial crisis.

The land cruiser was meant to be a symbol of the country’s rising economic fortunes.

“The PRI will serve as an example of the success of our industry and the future of our country,” Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at the time.

“Our people will see a symbol in the form of a land vehicle, not just for the sake of the PRI, but for the benefit of our nation and the entire world.”

The land car was a massive project that was estimated to cost more than $10bn.

It took three years and nearly $1.2bn to build the PRIs world first vehicle.

The massive vehicle was also built by a private company.

However, India’s Minister of State for Civil Aviation, Gopal Rai, told the Indian media that the cost of the land car and its land rover was not included in the initial budget.

In a statement on April 16th, India announced that the Land Cruiser PRI would cost $8.5bn.

However the country later revised its initial budget to $9.5 billion, making the PRi the countrys largest ever vehicle.

A report by the Indian government in January 2017 revealed that the PRis land vehicle cost India more than 3.3 times the original budget for building it.

The minister of state for civil aviation was quoted as saying: “In the case of the Land Car, it is the cost that is taken into consideration, whereas in the case where the PR was built by the company, it has to be included in cost of building it.”

A few months later, the Minister of state of the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Manish Tewari, told journalists that the country would not spend the money on building the PRIS.

Tewri added that the decision to not build the land cruiser had not been taken lightly.

“We have not taken any decision in the last two years, but the decision was taken because we felt the cost for building the land vehicle was a burden on the government,” he said.

The cost of buying the PR is estimated at $6.4 billion.

The Indian government’s official cost estimate for building and operating the PRISM is $9 billion.

India’s Ministry of Space, in response to questions from the BBC, said that the initial cost estimate was not an accurate reflection of the actual cost.

“India’s space budget for space exploration and exploration of space activities, including satellites, is $1,400 per kg,” said the ministry in a statement.

“There are no specific requirements for building space vehicles for such exploration and there are no plans to build such vehicles for future exploration.”

However, a review of the cost estimates of the five major space missions since 2003, published by the government in 2014, found that India has spent $5 billion to date on space exploration, and $1 billion to do the same for the space rover project.

The review also noted that the total cost of each mission, including all costs for its launch and operation, has been more than doubled since 2003.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Science and Technology said that India’s space programme is being supported by a dedicated private sector.

“In this respect, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is not a single entity.

ISRO is a group of institutions,” the spokesman told the BBC.

“This is not to say that there are not problems with the whole programme.

However ISRO’s focus is on space research and exploration.”

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