How to build a virtual reality city without a house

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How do you build a community of VR users in an abandoned, decaying, and dilapidated warehouse in Orlando?

The answer, according to Oculus VR’s Oculus VR team, is by building a house out of discarded furniture, electronics, and other discarded materials.

In an interview with The Huffington View, Oculus VR chief product officer Jason Rubin explains that it was an incredibly difficult task to build the virtual reality space, but that he was able to do it.

The building process was quite a challenge because we had to start by removing the flooring, and the entire structure was built around the furniture.

It was a lot of effort to actually remove all of the floorboards, as well as the electronics, which was really tricky to do because of the way it’s constructed, the way the frame is built, and how the electronics are connected to the rest of the structure.

Rubin explains that in order to build it in VR, the team had to build custom VR hardware for the house, which would allow the room to be tracked with the Oculus Rift’s tracking system.

This allowed them to track the room’s position and orientation and then react to the virtual room and its interactions.

“It took us a little bit of time, but it was pretty easy, so that was really helpful in building the VR environment,” Rubin said.

“We were able to build some kind of a house and then have a couple of people in it.”

The house will be used for testing purposes.

The team is now building the first VR house, and they hope to have it up and running by the end of the year.

The Oculus VR demo house is built with a similar layout to the one that will eventually be used in the Rift.

Rubin said that the house will only be used as a test bed for Oculus VR.

“The house itself is really the prototype,” Rubin explained.

“It’s not going to be usable until we get the house up and operational.”

Oculus VR’s first virtual reality experience The team behind Oculus VR says that their first virtual space is a prototype.

But the team behind the Oculus VR company is also building a virtual city.

This article originally appeared on The Huffington Page.

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