How many hurricanes is it going to take to bring down all the power?

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The country has experienced a total of 14 major hurricanes since January 2016, according to the National Hurricane Center.

That’s the equivalent of nearly four full seasons of a typical hurricane season.

But with the hurricanes that have hit in the past two weeks, the number of storms and hurricanes that the United States is currently facing could go way up.

The National Hurricane Centre said that at least one major hurricane is expected to hit Florida, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia this week, all states that are home to large concentrations of white-collar workers.

In fact, the National Weather Service expects at least two major hurricanes to hit the Atlantic coast of Florida and Georgia this week.

And in South Carolina, the storm could bring the state into a state of mandatory evacuation for at least the next 24 hours.

The storms also could make landfall in Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Georgia and Alabama.

And if the storms do hit the East Coast, the storms could dump as much as 1,000 feet of rain, which could cause widespread flooding in New York, New York and other cities.

Hurricane Jose has already caused widespread flooding across the East and Southeast, according a NOAA advisory.

But this storm could be even worse.

If the storm makes landfall in Florida and the storm’s winds are strong enough, it could dump up to 6 inches of rain on the region, according the Weather Channel.

This could mean widespread flooding.

There’s also the possibility of a “superstorm,” which means a system that has enough energy to be destructive.

That is a category where the storm has sustained winds of at least 185 mph, according NOAA.

Hurricane Matthew has already generated a lot of heat, but it could be a superstorm.

That would mean a system capable of producing sustained winds as high as 200 mph, which would lead to flooding in parts of the country.

And with hurricanes, you have to make sure that you get the right kind of energy to do the damage.

A storm surge surge is an increase in pressure that creates an inland area where water rises, causing the ground to buckle.

When a storm surges, it can move inland, damaging infrastructure and damaging property.

The United States has experienced the most significant flooding since the end of the George W. Bush administration, when the country was battered by Tropical Storm Floyd, which made landfall in Louisiana.

This year, Hurricane Irma is also a Category 3 storm, which means it has sustained at least 100 mph winds.

Hurricane Harvey, meanwhile, is a Category 2 storm.

These storms are the most dangerous storm systems to be in, according TOEFL, and the highest risk for death and property damage.

And as Hurricane Irma continues to move towards Florida, it is going to be even more dangerous for people to live in certain areas, as the storm is expected not to be fully contained until Monday.

The storm is predicted to dump at least 1,300 feet of water in the Keys, which are home a large concentration of white collar workers.

And some communities in Florida have already reported severe flooding and damage to their infrastructure, according an advisory issued by the Florida Department of Transportation.

The Florida Department said the damage is likely to be extensive.

And according to The Associated Press, some parts of Florida are already under a state-of-emergency.

So there are going to continue to be impacts.

But for people living in those areas, the outlook is much better than it would be in some places, according ABC News meteorologist Andrew Freedman.

He said that a lot is going on that we haven’t seen before.

This storm is a much more powerful storm than anything that has happened before.

It’s a Category 5 storm, so that’s pretty strong, and it’s coming right off the Florida Keys.

And it’s going to bring the water that’s already coming ashore to those communities.

And the Keys will have a lot more damage.

He added that it will be extremely challenging for people who live in those parts of town to evacuate.

And we’re seeing a lot, we’re just getting a glimpse of it right now.

We’re also seeing a massive influx of people who are going out to areas of low lying areas, and they’re going to have to get out of those areas to get food and supplies, which will make life even more difficult for people there.

But I think that’s what’s going on now, and I think we’re going see more of this.

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