Trump Jr. says he ‘would never do anything that would hurt our country’

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The president’s eldest son said he would never compromise on protecting American jobs, despite the fact that the U.S. has a $19 trillion national debt.

The president’s son, Eric, on Wednesday told a Senate panel that if elected, he would “absolutely” appoint someone who would oppose the $19.7 trillion debt ceiling increase that Congress approved in December.

“It is absolutely the case that we have a very important national security issue, and we should be doing everything possible to raise the debt ceiling in a way that is in the best interest of the country,” Eric Trump said.

“And we’re going to do that.

And I would never do something that would damage our country, and that is, I mean, we are the world’s most powerful nation, and if we are not willing to work together, we’re not going to be able to be strong.

I’m confident that we can do it.”

He said that would include putting pressure on countries to pay their fair share of the national debt, as well as raising taxes on high earners and cutting spending to help pay down the national budget.

“I don’t want to do anything to hurt our economy,” he said.

“We’re going from $19tn to $19,500 trillion in debt, and then we have to come up with $9,500 billion to deal with all of that debt.

And that’s a problem.

And we can’t just go around doing that.”

Trump Jr., who is now the president’s youngest child, is the first family to attend a Senate hearing on the debt limit.

He said he was “not going to compromise” on the issue.

The Trump administration has long been accused of using threats and threats of sanctions to try to force other countries to make concessions to the United States on debt.

That led the Treasury Department to issue a warning to foreign governments in June warning them not to take any action that could damage the U

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