How to survive the zombie apocalypse

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Zombie-killing has become a staple of the holiday season, as the season has come to be known as ZombieLand.

In fact, the zombie land has been a staple since the 1920s.

“The idea of being able to do a zombie movie in the fall is something we’ve been thinking about since the early 1970s,” said Michael Pachter, executive producer and director of the ZombieLand project.

“We’re always looking for ways to bring the idea back to life.

So it’s an exciting time to be a zombie fan.”

Zombies, a remake of the classic film of the same name, tells the story of two teenage girls, Zilpha and Lydia, who are captured by a zombie-filled town.

The film, based on the novel by Michael Crichton, tells of their struggle to survive and how the townspeople try to keep the zombie threat at bay.

It is currently playing at the Vancouver International Film Festival.

ZombieLand was created by Pachner, his wife, and a team of six friends, including the film’s co-writer and producer, Ryan Clements, and director Mark O’Neill.

“Our team was just on the cusp of the idea of a zombie film that we could make,” Pachters said.

“I think our original vision for ZombieLand never really took off, but we’re going to keep working towards making a film that will capture that experience in a way that it never has before.”

ZombieLand is about the struggle of survival in a zombie town.

Pachterner said the zombies were originally meant to be the main characters in the film, but because they are the ones that were captured, the film will focus on the struggles of survivors and their struggles to find and find a way to live their lives.

Zombies in zombie films are often shown as being either “bad” or “good,” but Pachners said that ZombieLand will not be a typical zombie film.

“This film is about survival and the struggle to be alive, whether it’s in a town or in a movie,” he said.

A zombie can be any sort of creature.

Some are human-sized, while others have been described as being almost identical to humans.

They are the most common type of undead creature in the world, and are the type that are most likely to be found in the real world, Pachtions said.

Zombie Land will also feature a cast of characters that range from a man who looks like a deer, to a wolf and a squirrel.

“It’s all about a group of friends trying to figure out what’s going on and who’s right, and who is wrong, and find ways to survive,” Pochters said, noting that he hopes to make the film accessible for all ages.

“When we were making the movie, the biggest thing that was going through my head was, ‘What can I say that will be funny to make people laugh?’

That’s something that we’re always trying to think about as a zombie storyteller.”

Zombie Land was shot on location in the U.S. and is expected to be released in the Fall.

It will be distributed by Cinemark Pictures, which owns the Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate and Lionsgate Home Entertainment brands.

For more information about ZombieLand, check out the Zombie Land Facebook page.

You can also follow the Zombieland team on Twitter and Instagram.

Follow the Vancouver Film Festival on Facebook and Twitter, and on Instagram.

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