Eric Lander: ‘We’re going to win this thing’

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On the eve of his return to Washington, Eric Landers return to Detroit’s Detroit Land Bank and the future of his family is in the balance.

Landers’ father, Eddie Landers, died in a car accident in 2009, leaving him without a parent to raise him and his four younger siblings.

When Eddie was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Landers decided to leave the family home to pursue his career as an architect.

His first design job was at a Detroit bank, and he continued his career in architecture after that.

Lander left his design career to become a lawyer in Detroit, and that’s where he was hired by Landers Associates to design a new land bank to replace the Land Bank of America, which had been shuttered.

The bank would have been funded by a $10 billion bond issue from the federal government, but the bond was never sold.

Landers eventually sold the idea to the Detroit Land Department for $4.9 billion.

When Landers went to work on the project, he and his team had already completed two previous design projects.

But the team was struggling to find enough land to build the new bank.

The land department said the bank would cost $1.6 billion, but Landers said it was $6.7 billion.

“The thing was, we didn’t have enough land,” Landers told NBC News.

“The land department had a lot of land.

We had lots of land to get the building done.

And it wasn’t in the right place.”

Lands’ team found land in the neighborhood of downtown Detroit.

The city’s plan was to build a $1 billion bank, but because of land restrictions, Land was given only one parcel for the bank.

Land had no land to work with and his design team came up with a new idea.

They designed a site on the east side of the city that would be a great spot to put a new branch bank.

He and his architects decided to go there, but to do so, they had to secure an exclusive zoning right to build on a public street, and they had only one tenant who was willing to lease a building on the block.

The Landers team was not the only ones struggling to secure a building.

Other architects and contractors were unable to secure the land, and the bank was still not ready.

Land’s team found a developer who had already built a large office building in downtown Detroit and he was able to secure financing from a private bank for $400,000.

The building, a five-story building called the Detroit Renaissance, would be ready to go in January.

But the developers did not want to sell the building and instead leased the land for $1,800 per square foot.

The landlord of the building told Landers the land would be sold to them if he did not provide the land on a lease.

“They said they could sell it for $800 per foot and I said, ‘Fine, but I’m not going to sell it,'” Landers recalled.

The land commissioner was not pleased.

He sent Landers a letter telling him he would be fined $1 million if he didn’t get the land.

Lands’ team appealed the land commissioner’s decision, and Landers won his appeal.

The new bank, which was completed in the fall of 2013, is now the largest land bank in the world, with $1 trillion in assets under management.

But Landers and his colleagues are still not sure how the bank will pay for itself.

Land’s team is working on a proposal to expand the bank, with a larger tenant and a smaller bank to hold more of the deposits.

“This is the biggest investment we’ve made in our city, period,” Landes said.

“It’s going to be really significant for our city and for our region.”

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