Eric Lander and his team of 3D printers are using 3D printing technology to print new homes in the Netherlands

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Eric Landers 3D printer is now able to print out custom-made homes for people in the country of his birth.

Landers team is the first to use the 3D-printed house to create homes that look like they’ve been built on the site they are located on.

The Netherlands is one of the most expensive countries in the world to live in.

The country also ranks as the most deprived in the European Union.

This means the country’s housing is a big investment.

Lander’s team is now trying to help people live better and is trying to make the country more affordable for its people.

Landering and his company are now working on creating houses that look as if they have been built and are meant to be shared.

They hope to help other companies do the same.

They have printed more than 6,000 houses so far, with the goal of having 30,000 in the market by the end of 2019.

This is the third time Landers has created houses with 3D technology.

He first created houses from scratch in 2015, and then this year the company printed out the first 3D house.

He told Business Insider he wanted to start building houses for people that are more expensive than what they can afford.

The first house was built by a Dutch couple.

“The price they pay is too high for most people.

The price of land is too expensive.

And then there is the cost of water and electricity,” Landers said.

Landing’s team has printed the 3DS-printed homes on a single printer, but he is also working on making more versions of the houses and even 3D models of the homes.

The house that is currently on display at the end, a custom-built house made of wood and wood blocks, is 3D printed from 3D files on the printers bed.

This home looks as if it has been built from scratch.

The next 3D printable house, made of materials that are available for free online, is going to be the first of the new 3D houses to go on display.

Landes team is also printing the next 3DS houses that are going to go up on the internet.

The houses will cost $3,000 each.

The 3D homes are being printed in a room in the company’s office.

This will be the third 3D version of a house that Landers built.

The previous versions are made from wood, and he is working on printing a new version of the house that will be 3D cut from plastic and metal.

The new 3DS version of these homes is going on display this fall.

“It’s not the most exciting thing to show, but we have more than enough 3D prints for that,” Lander said.

The company is also making a 3D model of the home that will go on the Internet and will allow people to watch it and vote on it.

The online vote will determine the next house that goes up.

Landedes team also hopes to start the process of building the next batch of 3DS homes this fall, and hopes to print more houses.

The three 3D versions of these houses are already being printed out on the 3dsite website, but the next one is going up online soon.

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