‘Criminals’ are invading the land of ‘Kingdom New Lands’

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“The king of the land is a very, very wealthy individual who owns the whole land and owns the country,” the source added.

“His name is King Rama and he is a king of kings, he owns the entire country and he has an entire army of his own, and they are all under the protection of his guards.”

“And the kingdom is in shambles.

People are starving and people are being massacred.

He’s very, highly suspicious of the people.”

King Rama, who is also known as The King of the West, has been in power for over 500 years, but has faced numerous threats from criminals, the sources said.

“It’s a very bad situation,” one source told the news outlet.

“This is a real threat for the king.

It is a threat that can be seen in the videos, the photos that have been taken, the video that’s been leaked.

It’s a real, real threat to the king.”

The source, who asked to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of the investigation, said there was a very high probability that a group of criminals were in the area and were planning to enter the country.

“They are not a foreign group.

The group is also planning to attack other parts of the country that are not under Rama’s control, the source said.”

This is not just about a bunch of thieves.”

The group is also planning to attack other parts of the country that are not under Rama’s control, the source said.

Meanwhile, a separate source told CoinDesk that the king had sent his security forces to the border with Myanmar to check the movements of the border patrol.

“We are monitoring the situation and will be coming back here when it is safe to do so,” the report said.

The sources added that King Rma has been told to keep the border open and said that he would not be afraid to go back to his kingdom, which has been a base for drug smuggling.

“There is nothing that can stop us from going back to King Rambam’s kingdom, so we will come back,” the third source told CNBC.

The latest developments come amid a growing trend of people fleeing from the country and setting up camp in neighboring countries, including Thailand, where the government has recently begun to tighten border controls, the report added.

While the source confirmed that there were currently reports of people who had been living in Rama-controlled areas in Myanmar, he did not offer details.

The news comes amid heightened tensions between Myanmar and neighbouring Laos, which is also plagued by drug trafficking, the reports added.

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