Zombie land yacht lands at Orlando airport

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Zombie land hustle is booming in Florida.

The undead have taken over land and sea.

The undead have been in charge of land and air since the apocalypse.

The zombie-themed land yacht is coming to Orlando, and it is set to make history.

The Zombie Land yacht, which was christened “Zombie Land” on its maiden voyage in December, is set for its first Florida trip.

The ship is owned by Florida-based company Zombie Land, which is a subsidiary of Dutch-based investment bank Fiduciary Trusts.

The zombie-infested land yacht will make its first trip to Orlando in December.

It’s expected to land at the Port of Miami and begin exploring the region soon. 

The Zombie land is being built to the specifications of the zombie-obsessed.

The yacht will feature a 2,000-square-foot (61 square meter) cabin, a spa, and a large open-air dining room.

A dining room area, lounge, and two outdoor decks will be built into the hull.

The yacht is also being designed for a “world-class” cruise ship.

The Zombie land will be fully self-contained, but will not be a traditional cruise ship, according to Zombie Land.

The crew will stay in the cabin.

Zombie land, like other zombie-inspired land-based yachts, are not designed for human-to-human contact. 

“Zombie Lands are not intended for human contact.

There will be no human contact, and no one will be on board,” Zombie Land spokesperson Michael Lehrman said in a statement. 

Zombieland has raised $2.8 million from investors including Sequoia Capital and Founders Fund. 

It is expected to make a grand opening on December 13.

The cruise ship will arrive in the Gulf of Mexico in December 2020. 

[Header image: Zombie land.]

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