Why Trump’s tax plan is so bad for the sugar industry

Posted by admin

The Trump administration’s proposed tax plan, which the administration has dubbed the “Tory Tax Plan,” is a total waste of time, and a direct threat to the sugar cane industry.

Here’s why.

Trump’s plan is a disaster for the economy.

Trump and the Republicans who are trying to save the sugar beet industry have repeatedly said that sugar beets, which are the most profitable crop in the United States, would be saved by eliminating the corporate rate and replacing it with a 15 percent rate on income from labor.

They have also proposed eliminating the alternative minimum tax (AMT) and lowering taxes on businesses that do business with the sugar industries.

However, the sugar companies that have benefited the most from Trump’s sugar plan, like Dow Chemical and Cargill, are the ones that have already made a fortune from the AMT.

Trump is also proposing a 20 percent excise tax on sugar, which would bring in billions of dollars for the industry.

While that’s good news for the companies that are already making a lot of money from sugar, it’s bad news for consumers who would be affected by the tax hike.

The Trump plan also proposes to raise taxes on individuals earning over $5 million per year and couples making more than $75,000.

Those are some of the biggest winners from the plan.

The sugar industry has also benefited from a massive increase in sugar taxes over the past two decades.

It has been an effective tool in helping the sugar farmers keep up with the market and in helping them grow their profits.

This tax hike would only further drive up prices.

It’s a bad idea that’s going to increase sugar prices.

A study from the National Sugar Association found that a 10 percent tax increase would mean a 10.9 percent increase in prices.

The biggest winners in the Trump tax plan would be the sugar producers themselves.

It would give sugar producers an incentive to reduce their sugar production and increase production elsewhere.

The industry already has been hurting financially.

In 2018, the industry lost $2.5 billion, according to the National Farmers Union.

The increase in taxes will only further exacerbate that situation.

Trump needs to cut taxes for the American people.

The tax plan that the White House is pushing for would benefit sugar growers at the expense of everyday Americans.

The administration has repeatedly claimed that it’s about fairness.

It makes it more likely that the rich will pay their fair share.


there’s no reason to believe that the sugar tax hike will actually help the American public.

Instead, the tax increase will only help the sugar growers and the sugar manufacturers at the top of the food chain.

The average American will still pay a higher price for their sugar because they are the main drivers of the sugar economy.

The American people deserve a tax plan to benefit the American economy.

They deserve a plan that benefits the American worker.

Trump should not be proposing a sugar tax increase that hurts ordinary Americans and the American sugar industry.

He needs to make the sugar budget deficit go away.

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