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Why the world’s land bridges are crumbling

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This article is part of the Guardian’s series about the land bridges that link the continents.

The article was originally published on 16 December 2016.

Read moreThe world’s top land bridge builder, a US firm called ArchBridge, says it will be laying down the foundations for a new $15bn highway linking the US to Europe in a deal that could help the US move away from fossil fuels.

The $15.4bn ArchBridge Connect project is part-funded by the US Department of Transportation and has been quietly developing the bridge since 2014.

But this week, the company confirmed that the first phase of the project, which will stretch from Florida to New York, will not be ready to be built until 2019.

ArchBridge has said the bridge will be able to support about 10,000 vehicles a day. 

ArchBridge is building the bridge to replace a span that broke in the Gulf of Mexico in 2016, killing four people and injuring several hundred. 

“We’re making a serious commitment to this bridge,” said the company’s president, Scott Lutz.

“We have a good plan for how we can get this bridge in place, but we need to make sure we have the funding, the engineering and the equipment to do that. 

But even as the bridge is under construction, the US has the second highest rate of car accidents in the world, after China. 

The US has not built a new bridge in nearly 20 years, and a number of new bridges have been proposed across the country. 

In a statement, the bridge’s owner, the ArchBridge Foundation, said: The current infrastructure is not up to scratch, and this is a new, exciting approach to bridge building. 

For the first time in nearly 40 years, we’re building a new land bridge that will bridge the gulf between the United States and Europe, a vital route for Americans travelling to and from the West Coast and the Northeast. 

This is a significant milestone for ArchBridge and for the world. 

 The foundation will continue to work with the federal government and partners to find funding to make this project a reality. 

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