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Why is Google’s search algorithm being used to track the locations of your internet searches?

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article Google has a longstanding history of tracking people’s movements on the web.

Its latest project, Project Fi, is being used by millions of consumers around the world to monitor internet usage and offer recommendations based on location and internet history.

Its purpose, however, is to offer advertisers a way to target ads to specific people, and to track their internet habits and internet browsing habits.

Project Fi’s latest version, Fi Plus, uses the same technology that Google uses to track its users.

It collects information about where you’re going, and how you’re using the internet.

For instance, it can determine how often you’re watching YouTube videos, how often that you’ve logged onto a gaming website or social networking sites, and what websites you’re visiting on your mobile device.

Users can then be targeted with ads tailored to their interests and usage patterns, as well as their location and browsing habits, and their browsing history.

The data is shared with advertisers, as part of a larger programme to track online behaviour and behaviour in the future.

Project fi is not Google’s first attempt to use this kind of data to target advertising, and it has previously used similar technologies to track what websites users were visiting.

In 2014, Google announced Project Fi Plus as part to the company’s effort to track users’ behaviour online.

It began tracking users’ browsing habits in April 2015, and in July 2015 it began to share data with publishers to create a wider range of targeted advertising.

Project Fi also tracks how often people visit certain websites, including Google’s own search results pages, but Google’s role in Project Fi has not been widely known.

Project pro was a new way of gathering and sharing location dataGoogle said Project pro would be the company to share its location data, which would be used for targeted advertising on its Google+ and YouTube channels.

Google has previously said that it has no plans to share the location data of Project Fi users, but has revealed a few details about Project pro in the past.

Google has been developing Project Fi for about a year, with the launch of Project pro coming in March 2016.

The data collected by Project Fi is now being shared with Google, which will use it to target advertisements on the internet and other platforms, according to Google.

Project Plus will also be used to monitor users’ online activity and usage habits.

Google has said that Project pro will be used on the same platforms, as Google does with other Google products, including Android and Google Maps.

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