Orlando star wars landing page to change title and content, and to be more inclusive

Posted by admin

A landing page on the Orlando Star Wars: The Last Jedi page has been updated to reflect the film’s official release date, the site has confirmed.

The post was published Tuesday, two days after Disney confirmed the film would arrive on Blu-ray and DVD on July 10.

The page was updated to read: The official launch of Star Wars The Last Journey, an exciting new film featuring all-new characters, is now upon us.

The Last Journeys journey to the star of Star Trek and the first-ever film based on the hit animated series Star Wars Rebels will be an epic journey for the entire galaxy.

To celebrate the launch, we are happy to announce that the landing page for Star Wars the Last Journey is now open to everyone.

A message on the landing pages page read: Thank you for choosing to watch Star Wars for the first time.

The landing page has a photo gallery featuring all of the stars featured in the film, including the cast and crew, along with a new story behind the film that details the origins of the story and what it all means to the franchise.

“We’ve seen the tremendous response to the official launch trailer and the exciting teaser for the film.

I want to thank everyone who’s chosen to share their excitement and excitement over this exciting new chapter in the Star Wars saga,” Disney executive vice president of global distribution Dave Hollister said in a statement.

“The announcement that Star Wars has officially released The Last Starfighter, the first ever Star Wars film to feature a Star Wars character, is the perfect moment to reflect on the journey that has been shared across the galaxy by our fans.”

The landing pages for the StarWars: The First Order and Star Wars Legends titles will also update, with a link to a new landing page called Star Wars Moments, which features the film in a way that will allow fans to share memories, see what it was like for the original film, and view the cast in the first Star Wars trailer.

“A great year has come to Disney Interactive and we are incredibly proud to announce the launch of a new page dedicated to the iconic characters of StarWars, with the ability to share behind-the-scenes photos and special moments of the franchise,” said John C. Gérald, CEO of Disney Interactive.

“With Star Wars characters such as Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, Kylo Ren and others on the horizon, we wanted to celebrate the legacy and history of these amazing people and the journey they have taken across the entire universe.”

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