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By Brian KelleherPublished May 02, 2020 08:17:37On April 1, 2020, the United States and its partners announced that they had landed on Mars.

The landing was the first for an American crew in history and marked the start of a long-delayed mission that would explore a vast region of Mars, from its surface down to the red planet’s ice cap.

It also marked a major milestone for the American space program, which has been on the brink of cancellation for years.

The lander was named Curiosity and carried a payload of science instruments and a rover that will explore the Red Planet’s interior.

It is now heading to a landing site in the northern hemisphere of Mars that will be used for future missions.

The United States has been developing a lander called Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) since 2011, but it is the largest and most complex spacecraft ever built and is only just about ready for a first launch.

The spacecraft will be sent to Mars by the Space Launch System rocket in 2018, which is scheduled to carry it into low Earth orbit.

The next launch is planned for 2020.

The lander and the rover will stay on Mars until the spacecraft is fully operational in 2025.

Mars is an immense and complex place.

It is about one-third the size of Earth, but is covered in the planet’s vast, frozen polar ice caps.

The Red Planet is home to a variety of geologic features that make it a challenging place to study, and researchers have long wondered how the planet has formed, and how it may have changed in the past.

Scientists have long speculated that the planet may have been made of water ice.

Some researchers have suggested that the ice may have formed on Mars as water flowed through it.

Others have suggested the ice could have been melted by meteorites falling into the planet.

Other researchers have argued that the giant ice caps of Mars are actually volcanoes.

This theory has long been considered controversial, but a recent study by the European Space Agency suggests that some volcanoes may be present in the Red World.NASA and the European space agency have been studying Mars for decades, and they are looking for signs of life on Mars, which the United Nations is calling a priority planet for exploration.

The space agency has been studying the planet for years, and has been using a land-based lander to search for signs that life might exist.

In December, it announced that it would conduct a search for life in the region that lies between Mars and the sun.

The rover will search for evidence of organic compounds, including methane and water, that could have originated from water.

This summer, NASA will begin a major effort to explore a Martian ice cap that covers a third of the planet, called Gale Crater.

The new probe will land on the area in 2021 and return to Earth in 2023.

The mission will also mark a major turning point in the development of NASA’s Mars program.

The agency is developing the lander as a stepping stone toward a mission to land on Mars that would send humans to the Red Moon.

This could be a big step toward landing humans on Mars in the 2030s.

The agency’s first lander, the Viking spacecraft, was launched in 1976.

Its mission was successful, but was plagued by problems.

A second Viking lander launched in 1980 was damaged by a fire.

A third lander rocketed off the coast of California in 1995 and crashed in 1997.

NASA has never successfully landed a spacecraft on Mars and hasn’t been able to return it to Earth for decades.

The new rover, called Mars 2020, will be much smaller and much more efficient.

It will be able to land and explore Mars in two years and use its onboard computer to analyze data from its Mars flyby.NASA is now building a rover with a much larger payload that will also be able fly by Mars and return samples to Earth.

The spacecraft will also take advantage of the fact that Mars has a rich history of water flowing through it, and it will carry a variety that scientists think could provide clues about how the water flows.NASA has also been developing Mars 2020 for many years, so the rover is expected to land near the Martian equator in 2020.

But it won’t land directly on Mars itself, instead landing at the Red Sea coast of the Middle East.

This will give it a good view of Mars from Earth.

The rover will also carry the Mars 2020 science team to the Martian surface, where it will begin studying the environment and sending samples back to Earth so that scientists can conduct studies.

The Mars 2020 team is expected the first humans to explore Mars.

If all goes well, the landers will begin exploring the surface in 2021, and the Mars missions will come to an end in 2024.NASA officials have said that if they get the land-use approval for the Mars landers, they will begin using them in 2021.

But they also have said they may start testing the landesers

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