i-Land Kpop Gets Top Spot on Nielsen’s Top Pop Songs chart

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A lot of the success of Kpop acts has been due to the quality of the songs they write and produce, but as of right now, it appears the Korean pop music phenomenon has finally landed on Nielsen Music’s top songs chart.

The Korean pop song phenomenon has a total of 1.04 million listeners across the country, and the chart is the third highest-selling in the chart’s history.

It is the highest-charting song since the Nielsen Music Top 20 chart debuted in 2002, which has a current total of 6.6 million listeners.

In 2017, KpopStarz reported that Kpop had the third-highest total audience of all time, beating out K-pop stars, groups and groups with similar songs, like EXO.

The popularity of K-Pop has helped it to rise to the top of the charts since its release in 2010.

The group has made waves worldwide and its global success has boosted Kpop’s global profile, especially with American audiences.

The chart is set to hit a peak around April 2018.

The Top 20 Kpop Songs chart has been released each year since 2005.

Each year, the Top 20 charts are released in a different order, with the top three songs on each chart receiving a bonus track from the song.

The current Top 20 songs chart is comprised of songs from K-POP and is updated every two weeks.

The next Top 20 Billboard chart will be released on April 19, 2019, when Kpop stars will have reached their 20-year milestone.

For more information on Kpop, check out our complete guide to the Kpop phenomenon.

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