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A few years ago, a group of students in Japan began experimenting with making their own virtual reality games.

In the years since, the company has raised $2 billion in venture capital and has sold a dozen VR headsets to more than 150 countries.

Now the company is aiming to do the same with virtual reality for people.

Its “Kirby Land” is a game about playing with a virtual-reality headset.

It will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show on March 12.

But unlike some of the others, Kirby Land is a single-player experience.

In a world that Kirby has created, players will be tasked with building an archery range and defending it from an army of enemies.

Kirby has been experimenting with VR for years.

At the time of its creation in 2016, Kirby Space Adventures was the first VR game to make it to the U.S. market.

In Kirby Land, players can choose from five different archery weapons and shoot arrows to shoot the enemies at the same time.

Players will be able to move around and see the environment in different ways, as well as the player’s character.

In addition, the player can choose to use their headgear to move, as Kirby does.

In other words, the headset’s positional tracking will allow players to interact with their characters as if they were in the real world.

The game will be played in a real-time environment, and players can interact with Kirby’s land in real-world locations, such as the ocean or an urban street.

Kirby Land’s game will also feature interactive 3D-rendering that allows players to look at a nearby object and interact with it.

This new form of gameplay is similar to the way VR games are developed in other games, and will give Kirby the freedom to experiment with the technology.

But the company will be using a new technology that’s already been used in other virtual-world games to give Kirby an edge.

The technology allows players’ eyes to track with 3D eyes that will be used to adjust the position of the camera, making it more comfortable to look around the virtual world.

For example, Kirby will be more comfortable in a park than in a shopping mall, and that’s one of the advantages that Oculus and HTC have brought to the table with the new system.

The Oculus Rift uses the company’s Oculus Touch controllers to interact and look around a virtual environment, but the HTC Vive headset is designed to use a combination of the Vive controllers and Oculus Touch in order to interact in virtual reality.

“We are able to build on the VR experience we have with Kirby Land and create something that we believe will appeal to a wider audience,” said Andrew Puzder, CEO of Walt Disney Co. and chairman of the board of directors of Walt and Pixar Animation Studios.

“As a virtual world expands, it becomes more and more important to develop an immersive environment that is fun and rewarding for both players and developers.

To make sure Kirby Land will be the best way to deliver that experience, we have worked closely with Oculus and Vive to create a game that will offer both gamers and developers the best VR experience possible.”

The company is not yet releasing a full version of Kirby Land to the public, but its demo version will be available on March 10.

Kirby’s Land is the first game to be created by a virtual reality company, but it’s not the only one.

Companies are also working on a wide variety of games that will eventually use VR technology.

Last year, Facebook announced a $5 million fund to fund VR-focused startups.

VR games like Kirby Space Adventure will help build the technology needed to create these games, as will a growing number of other virtual reality projects.

For now, however, Kirby is working on Kirby Land in a way that’s designed to be the most immersive experience possible.

He’s also working with his own company, Virtual Reality Technologies, to develop new games that incorporate VR elements.

“The first time I put on a VR headset, it was really, really hard,” Kirby said.

“When you put the headset on, it’s a lot more comfortable than it is right now.

You can actually see the world around you.

It’s kind of like looking through a window right now.”

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