First moon landing, and why it’s important for people to see it again

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The first moon landing was historic for many reasons, not the least of which was the discovery of the first footprints in America.

But the moment of truth wasn’t just a scientific triumph, it was a symbol of America’s emergence as a global power.

Here’s what we know about the moment that changed our world.


The moon landing changed everything About a month after the moon landing in 1967, the first manned lunar landing took place.

The Apollo 11 mission launched on June 12, 1969 and landed successfully on the lunar surface.

The next day, NASA announced that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin had successfully landed on the moon.

A week later, a second landing on the Moon was confirmed.

It took the United States nearly a decade to accomplish that feat, but it was the beginning of an era of space exploration that would last until the late 1960s.

The first Apollo missions began with the historic landing of the Apollo 11 lunar module on the surface of the moon on July 20, 1969.

Two years later, NASA’s Apollo 16 mission sent Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldwin and the first American to the moon, Edwin Aldrin, back to Earth.


The Moon and the Moon Landing First lunar landing of any kind occurred on January 16, 1972.

The spacecraft that touched down on the planet Apollo 11 was named Apollo 16.

The mission was the first of what would become three Apollo missions, and it was dedicated to the American astronauts Neil Armstrong (pictured) and Edwin Aldrich, the only two men to have ever flown on the spacecraft.

The landing site, dubbed “Eagle Point,” was in the rugged terrain near the southern end of the lunar equator.

Armstrong and Aldrin would be able to see the Earth from the lunar module for the first time.

The two men would be joined by lunar lander commander Edwin Aldin, who would take a photograph of the lander.

A second Apollo spacecraft would arrive in September 1972.

It was named Pioneer 11.

It sent the first humans to the Moon, Neil Armstrong to the lunar far side and Buzz to the far side.

The lunar landing would take place in the South Pole, the site of the historic Apollo 11 landing.

Armstrong would return to Earth safely and Aldrich would become the first man to walk on the ground of the Moon.

The Pioneer 11 spacecraft had been equipped with a lunar landering probe called Lunar Orbiter.

The probe would carry a camera, radio and other instruments that would enable the astronauts to view the Moon from the Moon and from the surface.

Three other probes would follow soon after, the Pioneer 11A and 11B.

A total of six Apollo missions followed, each of which saw astronauts make it to the surface on land and land again.

The last, Apollo 17, was launched on December 20, 1972, the last of the three Apollo lunar landings.


The First Apollo Lunar Landing: The first astronauts would be Neil Armstrong Jr., Edwin Aldridge and Buzz Collins in July 1972.

Neil Armstrong Sr. would spend the next 14 years in space, becoming the first human to set foot on the Martian surface.

On July 15, 1973, Armstrong and Collins returned to Earth on the Lunar Module Discovery, the second Apollo lunar module to return to the Earth.

The third and final Apollo lunar landing, the Apollo 18, was also a successful mission, and the last human to walk the surface and land on the Earth in orbit.


The Great American Apollo Moon Landing: In 1976, President Jimmy Carter became the first president to visit the moon and landed on a lunar surface, but his trip was marred by the Apollo 12 mission.

The Soviets had successfully launched their first spacecraft, the Luna 22, into orbit on June 6, 1972 and planned to launch a second craft, Luna 22B, in November 1972.

On March 14, 1973 the Soviet Union successfully tested Luna 22’s first stage, sending a lunar module into orbit around the Earth, and NASA was on the verge of a launch date.

However, on April 18, the Soviet launch vehicle failed and the mission was canceled.

The Soviet Union and NASA announced on April 27 that they would not attempt a third manned lunar flight in the future.

The final mission of the Space Age, however, was the Apollo 13 mission, in October 1972.

This flight would bring the first people to the United Nations Space Station (ISS), a landmark mission that would see the United Kingdom and Canada join the International Space Station as its permanent residents.

On June 6 in January, Neil A Armstrong and Jim Lovell Armstrong of the United State of America would step onto the International Air and Space Station, or ISS, the largest and most complex of the manned space stations.

The astronauts would spend over two years there, making it to space and returning to Earth the following September.


The Final Apollo Moon Launch: On September 11, 1972 in the early hours of the morning, astronauts Buzz Aldridge, Edwin Armstrong and Harrison

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