When David Landers ‘land’ at Sugar Land, he’s getting closer to landing on the Moon

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NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope is scheduled to arrive in 2019.

While the first humans to reach the Moon are nearly three decades away, a small group of researchers are working to get a piece of it.

A team of researchers led by researchers from NASA’s Ames Research Center has developed a technology that they hope will help the first human landers reach the lunar surface.

The team has developed the lander called “Sugar Land.”

The lander is designed to travel around the Moon, but also includes a “roving camera” that would collect high-resolution images of lunar surface features and help pinpoint potential landing sites.

It’s also the first rover that has the ability to “rove” on the surface of the Moon and, when fully charged, could land on the lunar poles, researchers said in a statement.

“When the rover is fully charged and ready to go, it will carry an onboard battery to provide enough energy for a few days to allow the rover to get to a location and then back down again,” NASA said.

“We’re already starting to see some very interesting results in the last few months, but there is a long way to go before we reach the surface and be able to get on the moon.”NASA’s mission to the Moon has been one of the most exciting projects in human spaceflight history.

It took six years and more than $1.5 billion to complete.

It ended with the first man on the face of the moon, Buzz Aldrin, and the first crewed mission to Mars.

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